Northern Artificial Breeders offers a comprehensive professional service for both the beef and dairy industries. We collect, process and store semen from throughout New South Wales and have our own NHIA accredited storage centre at Scone.

Northern AB provides the following artificial breeding services to Beef & Dairy Producers:

  • Artificial Insemination;
  • Semen collection and processing (CASA and morphology tested);
  • Semen testing of bulls for sale or own use;
  • Ultrasound pregnancy testing;
  • Ear Tags NLIS and Visual;
  • Supplies for do-it-yourself (DIY) artificial insemination;
  • Semen and embryo storage and dispatch;
  • Supplements for Fertility, calving and feed conversion;
  • Semen sales, from all of the large companies plus an extensive number of private clients;
  • Liquid Nitrogen deliveries;
  • Liquid nitrogen for storage or freeze branding;
  • New and second-hand semen storage canisters.
Northern AB

Contact Details:

Phone: 02 6545 2465
Address: 26 Oxford Road, Scone NSW 2337